Web Portal App development

App development for mechanics and contractors to file liens and bond claims online

Project Type : Mobile App Development with web-based back-end

Website : https://www.texaseasylien.com

Tool & Technologies Used : UX Research, Desktop, HTML 5, CSS 3, Photoshop, Bootstrap, WordPress, PHP

Texas Easy Lien Project Type : Desktop App

Business Challenge

Simplifying and automating lien processing

Creating portal for online processing to help mechanics and contractors file liens and bond claims

Filing lien and bond claims is tedious and costly, discouraging small claims from being filed. Small-term contractors and mechanics did not want to file claims for smaller amounts as they were not worth the effort of paperwork and follow-up as well as the lawyer fees which may be more than the claim amount.

Texas Easy Lien Project Type : Mobile App

Business Solution

TEL web development - Digiture

Online preparation and filing of lien documents

Fast, simple, and affordable way to file a construction lien online for small contractors

  • Guided steps for small contractors to first identify eligibility to file a lien
  • Template-based forms to file pre-lien notices
  • Simple intuitive information help text for each field in the line filing forms
TEL web development - Digiture

Reduction in time and cost to file a lien

Liens prepared and filed within hours rather than days at 25% of the cost elsewhere

  • Complete online processing including eligibility, preparation, notarization and filing of lien through web portal
  • Lien process and legal documents drafted by attorneys certified in Texas Construction Lien Laws
  • Spanish and English language support to assist contractors through the complete process

Smart Dashboard to track lien status

24/7 access to easily track the progress of lien documents online, anytime.

  • Dashboard listing all liens and bond claims filed with status
  • 24/7 user support via live chat in English and Spanish
  • Blogs, FAQs and guided information to assist the contractor through every step
Texas Easy Lien

On-Time & On-Budget

With Texas EasyLien, we have been able to support even the smallest contractor to file their claim at an affordable cost. Digiture has ensured that our vision has been replicated digitally with intuitive user design and navigation that is easy to access and use.

Tony Ciccone,

CEO, Texas Easy Lien

Anthony Ciccone

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