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Project Type : Digital Marketing

Tool & Technologies Used : UX Reserch, Desktop, HTML 5, CSS 3, Photoshop, Bootstrap, WordPress, PHP

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Business Solution

My grad flowers


See how Kahuna provides everything you need for risk-free and easy Graduation Flower Sales, from start to finish, year after year.

Improve Sales ConversionsCustom Administrative Dashboards

Stay up-to-date with your sale’s progress

No more waiting until the end to see how well you did. We create you a personalized dashboard you can log into to keep track of every aspect of your fundraising event.

Marketing Toolbox

All the tools you need for a successful presale in one place

Getting the word out is everything; but creating the materials to do so takes precious time and energy. Every Kahuna Fundraiser comes with a built-in marketing plan.

Thank you for your support

Each year, an overwhelming number of people bring flowers to graduations that they purchase from vendors off-site. In the beginning, I thought, ‘Why aren’t the schools benefiting from these sales? We need to change that.

Christina Vargas,




More Conversion Rate


Increase in Sales


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