Mobile Application and Web Portal Development

App development to track and manage Pool Servicing jobs including inventory and route optimization

Project Type : Mobile App Development with web-based back-end

Website :

Tool & Technologies Used : UX Reserch, Desktop, HTML 5, CSS 3, Photoshop, Bootstrap, WordPress, PHP

Business Challenge

End-to-end management of Pool Services

Tracking and Managing Pool Servicing Work requests and inventory

The Pool Service team were struggling with paper and spreadsheet-based data to manage daily appointments, new client onboarding, inventory management and route planning. This resulted in mismanagement of work orders, missed appointments and long travel hours between appointments.

Business Solution

App-based management for integrated Pool Service management

From Customer onboarding to inventory to invoicing – all in a single integrated system

  • Single point for customer management from initial contact to monthly invoicing and online payment
  • Service appointment management including daily schedule planning and optimising routes for each team
  • Online email integration for both customer reports and service reports for inventory and replacement parts
  • Online integration with QuickBooks for automated invoicing and finance management

Elimination of paper-based processing

All data available and accessible from mobile and web-based portals

Digital processing enables mobile and web portal-based access in real-time to customer contact and property access information, work orders, online invoicing and payments to the servicing team members based on role.

Travel time reduction between appointments

Optimize routes between multiple teams as per the service appointment schedules

  • Online drag-and-drop reassignment of appointments between teams to balance loads
  • Automated route optimization suggestions based on geographical location and schedule
  • Elimination of manual planning and resulting delays in routes and servicing appointments

Improved Financial and Accounting Management

Automated Invoicing and Analytics integrated with QuickBooks

PoolBelt allows management to review and analyze work performance to optimise travel routes and time, eliminate unnecessary chemical expenses and improve profits for the pool servicing business. Online integration to Quickbooks ensures that accounts and cash flow are easily managed and periodic audits are completed smoothly.

On-Time & On-Budget

The solution from Digiture has delivered a better experience for our students and is helping transform our University into a more profitable business. On top of that, Digiture has delivered on time and on budget for multiple projects.

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Transforming Revenues


Sales Conversions


Customer Leads


Admin Expenses

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