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Custom Mobile Responsive Website Portal for Parents/Students/Relatives to place orders. Custom Software Inventory System for employees and Schools to manage and fulfil orders. Digital Marketing to promote a portal in the local area of events.

Tool & Technologies Used : React Js, MySQL, MongoDB, HTML, CSS

Business Challenge

Managing, tracking and fulfilling orders

Multiple Users managing orders manually

Kahuna Fundraising supported schools in their fundraising initiatives with retail-based souvenir sales. The whole process of booking orders, managing inventory and fulfilling orders on the fundraising event day was processed manually using spreadsheets. This led to errors in order fulfilments, including missed orders, resulting in complaints, monetary losses and dissatisfied clients.

Business Solution

Web-based system for fundraising /
Schools own portal to Manage event

Anytime anywhere access to create fundraising events for schools

Schools can create online fundraising events through a defined process via an easy-to-use responsive web portal.

  • User-friendly web portal
  • Defined step-by-step process to create fundraisers
  • Ability to pick gifts and souvenirs for fundraisers

Easy Search and Book Functionality

Anytime anywhere access to place orders for families

Families and friends could place orders for their loved ones at the school web page via an easy-to-use mobile responsive web portal.

  • Mobile device-friendly portal
  • Easy search functionality for school events and students
  • Real-time status of souvenir and gift items availability
  • Secure portal to book and pay online for orders

Integrated back-end Inventory system

Realtime processing of orders by multiple concurrent users

Online integrated inventory system which automatically blocked items as they were booked on front-end web portal

  • Order status by item, school and event
  • Easy tracking of item stock based on order booking
  • Online updation of order fulfilment on the fundraising event
  • Periodic reporting to track funds raised v/s target
  • Auto email acknowledgement for student, customer and schools

Marketing outreach planning

Creating awareness of fundraising events through structured marketing plans

Built-in marketing plan builder to help plan, execute and track a marketing campaign to create awareness of the fundraising event as per geographical, demographic or other custom categories.

In-depth Results

Our team spent a lot of time and manual effort in handling inventory, distribution and updating school requirements. Digiture created simple-to-use portals that streamlined our activities and even automated some tasks, saving us time, effort and eventually dollars.





More Client Increased


Financial & Delivery Transparency


Cost Saved on Inventory

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