Web CRM & Mobile Development

Web application to digitize and automate operations of an educational institution or university

Project Type : Web App Development with Mobile interface for students

Website : https://www.rkdemy.com

Tool & Technologies Used : UX Research, Desktop, HTML 5, CSS 3, Photoshop, Bootstrap, WordPress, PHP

Business Challenge

Consolidating data from manual entry and multiple Bespoke systems

Multiple errors in data consolidation and processing for reporting

Current process involved collecting data from bespoke systems and spreadsheets for student inquiries, payments, attendance tracking, and parent interactions for students of the entire university. This led to multiple data errors due to manual entry and consolidation resulting in missed inquiries and payments.

Business Solution

Complete ERP System for University and Educational Institutions

Online integrated management from inquiry to student enrollment to payment and other daily operations

The solution eliminated multiple bespoke systems and paper-based processing. The entire process from the time of course inquiry to actual student enrollment was managed through the web application. Post-student enrollment, their schedules, fee notifications and payments, and parent interactions were managed online through the system.

Integrated Fees Management

Managing fee alerts to fee discounts and scholarships online

  • Online and mobile-based mechanisms for fee alerts and payments
  • Facility to mark students for fee discounts, scholarships, and other special considerations
  • Also allowed tracking of referral inquiries from both students and teachers

Student Schedule and Attendance Management

Mobile portal to provide information about class schedules and track student attendance

Students received up-to-date information about daily class schedules and any changes or special sessions on their mobile app. This allowed them to plan their study schedules accordingly and ensure attendance in every class.

Transforming Revenues and Cash Flows into Profits

Integrated Financial management and reporting

  • Automated daily collection reports
  • Integrated accounts receivables and payables reconciliation and reporting
  • Timely alerts and notifications to ensure smooth cash flow

On-Time & On-Budget

The solution from Digiture has delivered a better experience for our students and is helping transform our University into a more profitable business. On top of that, Digiture has delivered on time and on budget for multiple projects.

RK Sir,


Transforming Revenues


Customer Leads


Sales Conversions


Reduction in Admin Expenses

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