Public Sector – Government, Education,
Healthcare & Non-Profits

Services offered: Salesforce Development | Mobile Application

Creating the Digital Future so Public Sector organizations can improve service and operational efficiencies.

Digiture combines industry expertise, reusable industry objects and agile development to consistently deliver on-time and on-budget.

salesforce construction

Secure Portals, Curated Mobile Experiences and Sensor Driven Insights.

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    Secure Personalized Portals

    Digiture creates, integrates and manages self service portals that save time while providing a secure and efficient way to get information which bypasses queues and waiting on return calls or emails.

    salesforce construction

    Mobile Personalization

    Digiture is helping leading organizations use mobile to connect with patients, students, donors and citizens in inventive and useful ways – including combinations curated daily content, location/sensor data and account details.

    salesforce construction

    Data & Sensor Driven Insights

    Digiture is utilizing mobile phones and objects embedded with sensors to deliver analytical insight for smart cities, smart healthcare and intelligence in other industries as well.

    salesforce construction

    Proven Security

    Digiture has certified Cyber Security professionals familiar with ITAR, CJIS, HIPPA, FedRamp and other standards required to keep patient, student, donor and Client data secure..

    A Mobile First

    Digiture is connecting people, places, things, data and business process to improve customer experiences and deliver operational value.

    Digiture has delivered a better experience for our students and is helping transform our University into a more profitable business. On top of that, Digiture has delivered on time and on budget for multiple projects.



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