Consumer Goods and Retail

Services offered: Website Development | Mobile, Online and Store Channel Development

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Creating the Digital Future for Consumer Goods and Retail

Multi-Channel Commerce, Digital Marketing, Mobile Customer Experiences and Data Driven Insights

Digiture combines industry expertise, reusable industry objects and agile development to consistently deliver on-time and on-budget.

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    Multi-Channel Commerce

    From mobile ordering for drive-through pickup via branded apps, to e-eCommerce service via social media with automated shopping assistants, or curbside delivery – Digiture is delivering the Digital Future.

    salesforce construction

    Digital Marketing (SoMoClo)

    Digiture has a blend of UX (User Experience), content and technical resources to help clients provide consistent and personalized customers experiences across various channels.

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    Merchandising Audits & Instore Visibility

    Retail Audits can equip you with the photos, video, information and visibility to quickly identify and fix retail problems related to display execution, out of stocks, price checks and planogram compliance.

    salesforce construction

    Data & Sensor Driven Insights

    Employee and consumers have mobile devices that can be rich sources of data if utilized appropriately. This data couple with POS, fulfilment and sensor data can provide near real-time visibility and insights.

    A Mobile First

    Digiture is connecting people, places, things, data and business process to improve customer experiences and deliver operational value.

    Digiture has helped improved customer experiences across our mobile, online and store channels while providing visibility to improve operations back to our farms.


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