Mobile Application and Web Portal Development

Mobile app development to record due diligence and tracking information of properties and

Tool & Technologies Used : Ionic, Angular, Offline Storage, S3, PostgreSQL, PHP, Adobe XD, Figma

Android App

Business Challenge

Tracking Due Diligence Data

Consolidating and further processing of paper-based due diligence date

Property assessors recorded due diligence findings and data of an average of 100+ property units on paper-based templates which were then manually entered into the system. This was a tedious activity leading to redundant work and also led to errors in the recording of data, further calculations and analysis.

Business Solution

Mobile-based front-end for property assessors

Simple User Centric app on Tablet to create and submit due diligence findings for each unit

  • Unit-based listing of each property with available data included
  • Ability to confirm, modify and add information about each unit
  • Ability to save data on a tablet and later sync to a central server

Ease of property assignment to assessors

Configuration-based assignment of properties for Inventory or Condition Walk by Admin

The administrator assigns property units for due diligence through a web-based portal and includes available information for every unit including the configuration, condition, amenities and other relevant details. The property assessor logs into their mobile tablet and finds the list of properties assigned to them. This also prevented duplicate due diligence of the units.

Template-based data entry and recording

Step-by-step process for property assessors to conduct and record due diligence

  • Ability to record pictures and related comments
  • Ability to load inventory list of property units from XLS templates
  • Templates ensured all required data is captured

Accurate financial due diligence and analysis

Process of analysis and decision making simplified through structured data availability

The financial due diligence was simplified as accurate data was available as soon as the assessor uploaded their data. The analysis team was able to make insights-driven decisions on property negotiations and investments.



Increase in Reporting


Cost Saving


Increase in Data Accuracy

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